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Board Statement

The Board is pleased to publish MCT’s fifth Sustainability Report (“SR”). This report encapsulates our policies, practices, targets of all sustainability matters and their respective performance for the period from 1 April 2020 to 31 March 2021.

At MCT, we believe in “doing well by doing good”. As we continuously work towards delivering value for our stakeholders, we endeavour to do so with minimal impact to the environment and community. This is because businesses thrive only when the environment and the society are being taken care of. The COVID-19 pandemic has spotlighted the importance of sustainability as an integral part in business resiliency. With the closure of borders, implementation of circuit breaker and enforcement of health and safety measures, COVID-19 has brought about challenges to our operating environment. It is with this in mind that we reaffirm our commitment to sustainability, and we do so by addressing key sustainability risks and incorporating suitable opportunities into the formulation of our strategies, decision-making process and day-to-day business operations.

The Board maintains overall responsibility on the Group’s sustainability strategy and achievement of the Group’s long-term performance. The Board also reviews MCT’s material ESG matters based on their significance to our business and stakeholders, including the impact of COVID-19. The Board is supported by the Sponsor’s Sustainability Steering Committee (“SSC”) and management in overseeing the sustainability direction and management for MCT.

MCT’s approach towards sustainability is aligned with that of the Sponsor, and is anchored by our shared aspiration to protect the environment for our future generations. Full disclosures of our management approach covering policies, practices and targets of all material sustainability matters have been detailed in this report.

FY20/21 was a tumultuous year. We are heartened to have the continued support of our staff, partners and stakeholders which has enabled us to make progress amid the outbreak. We are proud to have successfully implemented key sustainability initiatives during the year, including:

  • All of our five properties maintained their respective BCA Green Mark certification, with three of them being certified Platinum, the highest accolade in recognition of a building’s environmental impact and performance, and the remaining two being certified Green Mark GoldPLUS;
  • Generated close to 1,600,000 kilowatt (“kWh”) of solar energy from the solar panels atop VivoCity and MLHF;
  • Secured S$370.0 million of green loans; and
  • Raised awareness on health and safety measures through comprehensive public communication campaigns to help minimise the spread of COVID-19.

Above all, it remains our top priority to ensure the health and safety of our employees, customers and the community during the pandemic. For instance, our working premises fully comply with the government’s regulations for safe distancing and contact tracing. In line with recommendations by the health authorities, the Group has implemented split-team work arrangements where possible and provided staff with the technology and tools to facilitate working-from-home. Wide-ranging measures were rolled out across our properties. Examples include temperature screenings, increasing cleaning frequencies, deploying of disinfecting robots at high traffic areas and pre-determining access routes for the safe evacuation of suspected COVID-19 cases. We also encouraged tenants to be certified SG Clean by the National Environment Agency and kept them constantly updated on the latest advisories from the authorities. On top of these temporary measures, the Group has implemented a Pandemic Preparedness Plan which will help us respond promptly and appropriately for future disease outbreaks.

The goal towards a sustainable future is a shared one. As we continue our pursuit for a better tomorrow, we would like to invite our stakeholders to join us in doing well by doing good.


To access the full Sustainability Report, please click here.



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